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With over 2.5 million weddings annually, the couples who organize their wedding get super stressed every day. With over 1000 happy brides and grooms in my portfolio, I am the Wedding Planner who brings ZEN into the lives of couples, and you will save time and money to enjoy your love.

I understand the stress of looking for the right suppliers, who deliver what they promise. I understand what it means to not know whom to choose from so many providers are present online. I understand what it means to not know if the recommendations of your friends, your wishes or your parents are what you want from the event and you don't know how to "tie" them together into a unitary whole that characterizes you. I understand that you are asking yourself questions about the wedding day: will all the suppliers come? What if those who deliver the cake have an accident? What if more guests come than they confirmed? What happens if the electricity "fails" or one of the artists gets sick right before your wedding? YES! I know all the questions and I understand your concern, but you have me by your side and there is no situation that I don't know how to manage after 12 years of breathing events every second. I encountered all these situations and many others (even more serious), but I managed to handle them every time, without the bride and groom and their guests knowing. Over a coffee, the next day, we laughed together about what happened and they didn't even know. What do you say? Let's start the journey of organizing your ZEN wedding together?

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How do I work? 3 simple steps:

Full Wedding Planning

Wedding Day Coordination

One to One Consulting

Full Wedding Planning

After 12 years in this field, we decided to accept A LIMITED NUMBER OF WEDDINGS EACH YEAR that we take care of in the smallest detail. I believe that organizing a wedding should be an experience in itself: from the first brainstorming related to the wedding concept to the last song on the wedding day, we are there to make sure that everything will be ZEN, exactly how I think everything should feel Bride.


For each wedding, we allocate approximately 400 hours of research, meetings, emails, phone calls related to every detail so that the wedding day exceeds your expectations as the bride, but also exceeds the expectations of the guests. We focus on your wedding vision and no detail is overlooked.


Together with my team, I take care of absolutely everything: from choosing the location, keeping the budget within the established limits, choosing the photographer and videographer according to your needs, the color palette for the implementation of the design, the decision related to the perfect floral arrangements for your vision, the design from the invitation and printed materials to how the napkin should be packed or which songs to include in the DJ's playlist, we do EVERYTHING.


On the day of the wedding, we coordinate all the suppliers to implement what we have determined will happen, we manage the unforeseen situations and make sure that you have a ZEN day.


Your outfits? We are with you with recommendations of suppliers to implement what you want, we offer you consultancy from the wedding dress and the ceremony costume, to finding the most suitable accessories, including their customization. Why? Because we want you to be the most ZEN and beautiful bride EVER!


Concierge services? We offer everything you need to be ZEN on your wedding day or that long weekend. Whether you need transport services, accommodation, the organization of the pre-wedding dinner or the next day's brunch, we solve everything.

Wedding Day Coordination

Coordination during the event, when you have the time allocated to the organization and want to benefit from our services only on the wedding day. I recommend this option, especially if, as a bride, you have time to organize your wedding alone (you have all the resources you need in ZEN DAY – My Wedding Planner, but you want me to be with you of you on the wedding day to make sure that everything goes perfectly and you want to relieve your family members and close friends (or even yourself!) of the stress related to the coordination of suppliers, the hours and minutes set in the program and the unforeseen events that occur always on the big day

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Special Events

Birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, engagement parties, inaugurations or company parties and many others? From the concept to its implementation in the smallest details, we offer you the experience of a guest at the event. We are with you in the whole process so that you can enjoy together with your guests!

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ZEN One to One consultancy

Consulting in case you want to organize the event yourself, but you need expert advice. In this way, I will answer all your questions (that's why it is good to come prepared with an exact list), I will offer you practical solutions, I will help you put together everything that is unclear and I will put you in contact with trustworthy suppliers. You can book your consultation directly here 

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