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"The next day, after my boyfriend proposed to me, we were already discussing how we would like our wedding to be and what I knew for sure, at that time, was that I wanted to work with Geta and her team. After 6 months, we were celebrating the the most beautiful event in our lives, a winter wedding, with a special decoration and an atmosphere to match.


The meetings I had together with the girls from GU were always beyond my expectations. Always with a smile on their face, with extraordinary energy and zest for life, they were waiting for me with solutions, proposals, lists of suppliers who understood the concept and who already wanted to work with us. The winter story was carefully crossed out by Geta, who told me from the beginning that he was glad that I chose this season and promised me that it would be a special wedding; and so it was. Her words excited me fantastically: every time I saw how she looked at things, the experience she had in organizing events but also the determination with which she made decisions. I had no doubt that I had chosen the right wedding planner when, on the way home, I actually devoured the Zen Day agenda, full of original ideas and details that I would never have thought of on my own.


I can't describe in words how happy we were on our wedding day, but I can tell you that we have only beautiful memories and that's because we were able to enjoy every moment without worrying about the organization, because I felt- on Geta close to us, all the time. We would never have managed to have such moments, if we had not had behind the curtain, the best organizing team, the GU team.


We are eternally grateful to you, we are terribly glad that we met and we thank you for everything: from the strong hug on the first date to the laughter after the wedding.


Ioana and Radu"

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